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White Annealed wire
Black annealed wire

D.C.L can supply good black annealed wire for customers. Features: Black annealed wire is rust proof within 6 months without any oil coating. The tensile strength is 300-400 Newton per square millimeter. Black annealed wire sizes: Wire diameter ranges from 0.70mm to 5.5mm. Application: Black annealed wire is mainly used as industrial wire, construction wire, industrial bale tie wire and constructional tie wire, etc. Packing: Different coil diameter or coil weight available for customers¡¯ choice.

White annealed wire

D.C.L can supply good white annealed wire for customers.
According to improved technical and make the black iron wire into bright and white surface without oxidizing layer and improved products quality. Mainly used in tie wire , binding wire in architecture field and weaving woven wire mesh and white wire mesh ( better than black wire cloth) ,etc. Dia of wire: 0.15-1.2mm
Tensile strength: 35-45kgs/m2
Elongation: ¡İ15%
Special specification can be done according to the customer¡¯s request.
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