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Plastic Net
It can be divided into : plastic plain netting , Plastic stretched netting, Plastic Geogrid
The plastic plain netting is processed and made of PEand PP . It has the performances of wear-resisting .corrosion-resisting, fine toughness,it can instead of metal wire.
Plastic Net
Colors available with Plastic Flat Netting: Black, white, green, blue, etc.
Material of Plastic Flat Netting: Polyethylene or polypropylene.
Uses of Plastic Flat Netting: Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, aquaculture, etc. Also used in making of auto back
mattress, spring mattress, netting for air conditioner, road base netting, etc.
Hole size:3mm¡ª80mm
Hole size:hexagonal.

Plastic stretched netting
It has the properties of good flexikility,high tensile strength,aging resistance,anti-errosion,etc.
The color generally:black,green,white etc
Material of Plastic Streched Netting: Polyethylene or polypropylene.
Usages: Reinforcement net for geomat;agricultural netting (anti-bird netting),
Hole size:6mm---125mm
Hole size:square

Plastic Geogrid

Plastic net is also widely used in construction as geogrid materials with its low cost and long service life.
Plastic geogrid can be made of three types: single direction extruded plastic mesh, double direction extruded plastic mesh and compound extruded plastic mesh.
Plastic Geogrid, Single Direction Extruded: Width: 1m or 2m; Length: 50m
Plastic Geogrid, Double Direction Extruded: Width: (m): 4; Length: 30m
For strengthening of construction materials;
For railway and road bases;
To strengthen the loading capacity of the bases
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