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Office has been established in Shijiazhuang

¡ñChina DCL company was formally established Shijiazhuang Office on 20th,Jan,2010. DCL Company marks the upper right steps and in the steady and healthy development.

¡ñDCL Company is committed to research and development ,mainly produce and sell welded wire mesh,wire mesh fence,hexagonal wire mesh ,hot dipped galvanized steel wire ,cleaning ball wire , the different usage of the flat wire and the plastic net etc. Always adhere to customer first, quality and effectiveness of the principle of co-existence. The sake of promoting all-round for the customer,Taking the idars of ¡°I was thinking of ideas of customers ¡°to ensure product quality, quantity, fulfill commitments, mistakes must be corrected, dare to take the style, not to order a small but relaxed, the guests do is my own thing, guests orders is the confidence in me as to the quality of returns and thanksgiving, in good faith to treat every guest.We are one the only agent of Switzerland and Romania customer in China.

¡ñChina DCL company was formally established Shijiazhuang , the provincial capital with a platform to meet the needs of the guests different angles, more conducive to a better access to talent, with the scientific motivation and mechanisms to better play to the enthusiasm of the common

development of employees

Anping County DeChengLi Hardware products Co.,Ltd
Shijiazhuang office contact list :[ Tel: 0086-311-87672299 Fax:0086-311-87672231 ]
Company Address: The east of Hongqi Road,Anping county ,Hebei,China [ Tel: 0086-318-7599777/7599333 Fax:0086-318-7599388 ]
NO 1 Branch Factory Add: The Industrial Area of YanTuan ,The west of Weimin Street,Anping County,Hebei,China
NO 2 Branch Factory Add: The west of Baoheng Road,Anping County and Shenzhou City¡¯s border north bound 500 meters

Email: info@dechengli.com