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DCL Company Culture

¡ñ D.C.L abides by management with ¡°Basing on enterprise with morality, expanding market with sincerity, morality and sincerity oriented, to achieve win-win situation¡±

¡ñAdvocacy to embrace change, to meet the needs of the employees proud of enterprises to home, look at itself and mistakes must be corrected, heart work, continuous improvement, its commitment, not a shameful corporate culture of integrity;

¡ñEmployees requiring customers first, passionate dedication, efforts to achieve their own dreams

¡ñTo shareholders and managers require their customers first, employees second, shareholders third, and serve customers staff, the staff is my customers

Anping County DeChengLi Hardware products Co.,Ltd
Shijiazhuang office contact list :[ Tel: 0086-311-87672299 Fax:0086-311-87672231 ]
Company Address: The east of Hongqi Road,Anping county ,Hebei,China [ Tel: 0086-318-7599777/7599333 Fax:0086-318-7599388 ]
NO 1 Branch Factory Add: The Industrial Area of YanTuan ,The west of Weimin Street,Anping County,Hebei,China
NO 2 Branch Factory Add: The west of Baoheng Road,Anping County and Shenzhou City¡¯s border north bound 500 meters

Email: info@dechengli.com